2023 School Terms

Term 1: Tuesday 31st January to Thursday 6th April
Term 2: Monday 24th April to Friday 30th June
Term 3: Monday 17th July to Friday 22nd September
Term 4: Monday 9th October to Wednesday 20th December

2023 Competition Dates 

Year 5 and 6                                             Friday 28th April
                                                                   Friday 5th May

Year 7 and 8                                             Saturday 29th April
                                                                   Sunday 30th April
                                                                   Wednesday 26th April (if required)
                                                                   Wednesday 3rd May (if required)

College                                                      Saturday 29th April
                                                                   Sunday 30th April
                                                                   Saturday 6th May (if required)
                                                                   Sunday 7th May (if required)

Senior                                                        Saturday 29th April
                                                                   Sunday 30th April
                                                                   Saturday 6th (if required)
                                                                   Sunday 7th May (if required)
                                                                   Wednesday 26th (if required)

Premier                                                     Saturday 29th April
                                                                   Saturday 6th May (if required)
​​​​​​​Grading Round                                        Saturday 6th May/Saturday 13th May - Saturday 24th June
Championship Round                            Saturday 1st July - Saturday 26th August

No Play                                                    Saturday 3rd June (Kings Bday)
                                                                  Saturday 8th July (School Holidays)
                                                                  Saturday 15th July (School Holidays)

                                                                        Social Competitions
Walking Netball
Give it a Go Day                                     Wednesday 17th May
Term 2 (6 weeks)                                  Wednesday 24th May - 28th June
Term 3 ( 8 weeks)                                 Wednesday 19th July - 6th September

Junior Summer League
Entries Close                                         Tuesday 3rd October
Team Lists Due                                     Tuesday 17th October
Competition                                           Tuesday 17th October - 5th December

Senior Summer League
Entries Close                                          Wednesday 4th October
Team Lists Due                                      Wednesday 18th October 
Grading & Competition                          Wednesday 18th October - 6th December 

Dates to Note​​​​​​​:
Howick Netball Club Registation Opens:
January 16th 2023

2023 Howick Netball Club Trials:  

Juniors:                   Tuesday 14th February  
                                   5.30pm - 6.30pm

College:                   Saturday 18th February
                                   8.30am - 10am 
                                  Saturday 25th February
                                   8.30am - 10am
                                  Saturday 4th March (if required)
                                   8.30am - 10am

Seniors:                    Saturday 18th February
                                   10am - 11am 
                                  Saturday 25th February
                                   10am - 11am
                                  Saturday 4th March (if required)
                                   10am -11am

Public Holidays

Auckland Anniversary 30th January
Waitangi Day 6th February
Easter 7th April - 10th April
ANZAC Day 25th April
Kings Birthday 5th June
Matariki Day 14th July
Labour Day 23rd October